It’s time to expand your investment in Indian startups options

investment in indian startups

Remember the show Shark Tank India? Almost every person in India watched at least one episode of that show. We saw numerous talented entrepreneurs and revolutionary business ideas. 

However, there is one thing that the show reminded all of us about, and that is the increasing number of promising startups in the country. 

India is home to a booming economy thanks to its liberal and progressive economic policies. The advancing nature of the economy, coupled with the rise in technological growth, has paved the way for many renowned homegrown startups that contribute to the financial progress of the country. If you are looking to explore investment in Indian startups options that have a longer return on investment, here is why it is time to look into the Indian startup ecosystem. 

Home to some of the most promising startups like Paytm, BharatPe, Byjus, etc., India harbours some exceptionally talented entrepreneurs who have an eye for the future. Institutions like the IIT and IIM have developed highly specialized incubation programs that further help the cause of the startup ecosystem. Another important factor to note is the availability of resources like transportation and low-skilled labour, both of which accelerate the growth of startups massively. The wide availability of innovative startups with passionate owners is what makes investment in Indian startups a worthwhile decision. 

Some up-and-coming startups that you cannot miss out on are:

  1. Cred

Established in the year 2018, Cred is an online service where you can pay your credit card bills and get numerous rewards for the same. Cred offers you “Cred Coins” that can be redeemed for a list of products or services on the application. Investing in Cred is a great option as the idea behind the company will remain relevant for ages to come. 

  1. PharmEasy

PharmEasy was founded in the year 2015 and worked as an online pharmacy specializing in OTC products, diagnostic tests, and selling medical instruments. Due to the onset of the pandemic, the company’s model has proved to be rewarding- the startup has raised a whopping $350 million, which makes it the first Epharmacy unicorn in India. 

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  1. Nykaa 

Nykaa is one of the leading online beauty and fashion stores that have set standards for its counterparts. Founded in the year 2012, it offers beauty products at competitive prices. The startup is valued at $1.2 billion, making it a great investment opportunity. Nykaa’s growth has only supported its cause, as it has also moved to the offline market and currently has over 55 retail stores. It fulfills more than a million orders every month and caters to a diverse consumer base, which distinguishes the startup from its competitors. 

  1. Dream11

Dream11 is an interesting concept and one of the first of its kind in India. It is an online fantasy sports platform that has garnered upwards of 10 crore users in India. The startup has raised over $400 million, and that is before the commencement of IPL 2021. The valuation of the company has surpassed the value of $5 billion, making it a great investment choice. The startup is growing at an exceptional rate because it caters to a younger consumer base, thus promising great investment returns.

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