“Bridging the gap between the growers and the drinkers” Rajeev Baid, Chai Chun

rajeev baid chai chun

Starting your day, after a long and tiring work day, or even hanging out with your friends, a cup of tea can make anything memorable. You would also agree to this that nothing beats a nice cup of hot tea. So, Rajeev Baid, the founder of Chai Chun, changed the way that people look at this beverage. 

In this article, we will talk more about Chai Chun from Rajeev Baid. So, let’s get this par-tea started. 

It all began in Kishanganj, Bihar, where Rajeev Baid was a local tea vendor in railways stations and bus stops. Tea is probably one of the oldest beverages known as man, and it has been enjoyed in its original taste by generations. However, Rajeev Baid was different. He took bold decisions regarding the tea he wanted to sell and wanted to be as innovative as he could. So, in the first 15 years of him selling tea, he had visions about changing the way people looked at this beverage. 

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In the year 2002, he established M/S Apex Tea Exports Pvt. Ltd., and due to his extensive knowledge and love for his craft, he started contributing to both the domestic and the international market, taking a path of high growth. 

Chai Chun was not the first tea venture Rajeev had. After M/S Apex Tea Exports, he established the Evergreen Group in 2012, and later Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd. It wasn’t until 2015 that Rajeev established Chai Chun and opened its first store in Siliguri, and now they are present all over the country. 

Chai Chun is an exclusive tea boutique that is slowly taking a foothold in the Indian tea industry. 

Within a few years, Chai Chun grew substantially and now owns numerous tea leaf factories, and tea gardens in Bihar and West Bengal. The innovations and revolutionary practices of Chai Chun were recognised, as its Evergreen Dooars Tea factory in Bhutki, Jalpaiguri was nominated by the final jury of the CII Innovative Awards, due to its automation and technology. 

Not a while ago, Chai Chun entered a public private partnership with the Government of Bihar. Rajeev received the tender for the tea factory that was established jointly by the Government of Bihar and the Central Government. It was inaugurated by Shri Nitish Kumar, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar. 

What has made Chai Chun such a success is Rajeev’s efforts to always bring innovation to the world of tea. He understands that most Indians not only drink tea, but relish it as well. So, since he started his business, he has aimed to bring delight to every sip an individual takes. 

He has been committed towards bridging the gap between tea growers and drinkers, as he believes that making the perfect cup of tea is nothing short of art. Rajeev has been a tea lover himself, as one would figure out. So, he came up with the idea of the Tea Cafe, CHAI RASE, where the idea of tea innovation was really brought to life. 

He is currently working on his new venture, the CHAI VEDA. He is a true entrepreneur at heart and has tea running through his veins, mind, and heart. That is what has enabled him to reach the summit of the Indian tea industry.

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