The Ultimate Secret Of Tetley Green Tea Case Study

tetley green tea case study

Away in the sprawling plateaus of Yorkshire, UK,  A little tea company began its humble beginnings, selling tea on a packhorse owned by the brothers, Joseph & Edward Tetley. They soon opened up shop as tea merchants and thus an almost 200-year-old business of tea was born. Here, we learn all about the Tetley Green Tea case study. 

As the world celebrated the new millennium in 2000, Tetley,  as it is now known,  was acquired by Tata Consumer Products. The second largest tea manufacturer after Uniliver, Tetley is famous worldwide for its teas and other caffeine-related products. Tetley is adored by the UK and the Canadians. 

Tetley came home in a matter of sorts. After becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products, the tea leaves for all Tetley products came from India, sprinkling a little bit of the motherland wherever it went. 

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And as it would with world trends, the love for drinking naturally, and in a bid to live organically with cohesion amongst nature, Tetley’s line of green teas was launched. Tetley already used high-quality, homegrown leaves for the bigger part of their manufacturing process. They went a step further, bringing homebrew remedies, and traditional recipes to the world market. Tetley Green Tea is famous amongst people who enjoy a greener alternative along with refreshing tastes and quirks. 

Tetley Green Tea is loved by many health-first people around the globe. The secret to the Tetley Green Tea case study is tea bags. The Tetley Green Tea Immune beverage is available in a variety of variants, including Classic, Lemon & Honey, Ginger Mint & Lemon, and Mango, ensuring rejuvenation with every sip. This range of tea bags has made a splash worldwide, promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

Puneet Das, president of packaged beverages said that the Green tea sector of the market is bigger and consists of three key players; Lipton, Organic, and Tetley.  The idea is that Tetley should be at the forefront is promoted internally as well as externally. Mr. Das cited Nielsen data to talk about how currently 75% of the market is dominated by tea bags; Tetley has plans to take part in this as well as promote an anti-oxidant-free future for all consumers. In interviews and other media appearances, Mr. Das has said that they want to be in conversation whenever the talk is about green tea. The tea market is valued to be at an estimated Rs. 4,000 Crore, and Tetley has plans to take over a major chunk of it. 

Never to shy away from emerging trends, Tetley has embraced the online launch of its product. The launch of their Tetley Green Tea app has granted world consumers and fans to easily order green teas at their convenience.  The app has been appreciated by tea enthusiasts all around India, due to its adaptability in languages and simple swift interface inviting those who are well at working a phone and those who are not alike. 

Tetley Green Tea has made its mission to dunk itself in everyone’s cup of tea, and soon yours.

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