Top 10 Indian Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

Top 10 Indian Companies to Watch Out for in 2022

What’s middle and helps India grow? It’s the burgeoning middle-class working population. India has a blossoming economy driven by the working middle-class population and has become a breeding ground for startups. Many Indian companies are on the rise currently for coming up with innovative solutions that appeal to the public. Here are ten top Indian companies you need to watch out for in 2022.

10) PharmEasy

top indian companies PharmEasy

We mortals get sick frequently and often don’t end up going to the doctor because Google haina. PharmEasy provides an easy solution to this conundrum and thus has become a big hit. Founded in 2015, PharmEasy is considered to be among the top Indian companies which delivers medicines, provides a collection of samples for tests, and also provides online consultations with experienced medical professionals. PharmEasy has received $651.5 Million in funding from a group of 25 investors. 

9) CropIn

top indian companies CropIn

CropIn is an agricultural technology startup that has garnered attention from the public and investors alike for making farming digital and providing smart solutions to agricultural needs. They deliver decision-making tools that bring sustainability into agri-businesses. The company has raised a whopping $20 million in its series C funding and is on its way to greatness.

8) YellowMessenger


Yellow Messenger is a technology startup that provides AI-driven customer engagement solutions that are used with instant messaging platforms like Google, WhatsApp, and Slack. It has amassed a respectable sum of investment, which stands at $24 million. 

7) MoneyTap


MoneyTap is India’s first app-based credit line that caters to the credit needs of middle-class customers in India. Providing quick credit on mobile, affordable interest rates, and flexible EMIs, MoneyTap has become the go-to for fast and easy loans. In the latest round, they raised funding worth $40.3 million.

6) Bira 91

top indian companies Bira 91

Bira 91 is a refreshing beer brand that is aspiring to bring flavorful beers into the limelight. It has received the title of the fastes growing beer brand in India and is among the top Indian companies that have built a strong portfolio of essential beers. Bira 91 is backed by Sequoia Capital and Belgium’s Sofina Capital and has accumulated $180.5 million in its crunch phase.

5) Zerodha


Offering retail currencies and commodities trading, mutual funds, brokerage, and bonds, Zerodha is at the top of the money game. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and is currently valued at over $1 billion.

4) Neeman’s

top indian companies Neeman's

Neeman’s is an eco-friendly footwear brand that is changing the norm by using Merino Wool which is a natural product from Australia. They make shoes for all-day wear, which rely on recyclable and chemical-free materials to reduce the carbon footprint. The company has received $2.7 million from Sixth Sense Ventures.

3) Qure AI

Qure AI

Qure AI is a healthcare startup which uses AI to conduct reviews of any medical imaging that is done for a patient. This helps doctors in conducting routine medical work, which leaves them with the time to personally cater to their patient’s needs. To date, Qure AI has managed to raise $16 Million in their only funding round. The company is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with AI-driven pandemic response suites being offered to healthcare authorities.

2) CoinSwitch

top indian companies CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch Kuber has become the crypto trading platform for enthusiasts and investors alike with 80+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc available on the platform. Providing a seamless user experience through a simplistic user interface, the app has upped crypto-currency trading and has raised $15 million in its series A funding. 

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1) Meesho

Meesho top indian companies

Meesho is successfully giving aunties something productive to do and giving them and small businesses a platform to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Meesho raised $300M in its second round of funding, giving it a valuation of $2.1B.

This list only goes to prove that India is not far behind in developing unique and useful solutions and we hope that we get to see more of these from our country in the future.

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