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walmart case study

Customer to Walmart employee: Hey, where can I find The Terminator?
Walmart employee: He’s at aisle B, back.

We all have heard about Walmart, as it is the largest retail company globally. This brief case study on Walmart will walk you through how the retail company became such a big name. So, get your shopping carts ready, we have a lot of aisles to cover. 

Opening the doors of Walmart 

Sam Walton aimed to provide products at a cheaper rate than what was available. So, this vision gave rise to Walmart back in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas.

What started as one store became 24 stores in 5 years. In 1978, Walmart introduced its first Initial Price Offering (IPO) in the market and currency; they have acquired more than a dozen companies. 

You will find products related to every need, such as groceries, food items, healthcare services, and medical services. 

Walmart follows the business model called Cost Leadership. It aims to enter every segment in the market and dominate it by offering the lowest price to its customers. 

Their business model eliminates all middlemen from the distribution channels, saving them money. In return, they provide benefits to their customers in the form of products and services at the lowest prices. 

Walmart does all its purchasing in bulk. By doing this, the retail brand gets a quantity discount from the manufacturers, and then it sells the commodities to customers in small quantities at lower prices. 

The low prices that Walmart offers to its customers ensure that their sales volume is very high, and in return their earnings increase. Due to their competitive prices, they can penetrate the market and become the customers’ preference. 

Every customer wants two things, good quality products and services at lower prices. Walmart makes sure that it delivers in both of these aspects. 

As discussed above, Walmart follows the marketing principle of Market Penetration by capturing the whole market by providing lower or competitive prices. 

Marketing is a core component in ensuring that your business becomes successful, and Walmart realised that and made use of it effectively on their way to the top. 

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The phrase ‘customer is king’ has been incorporated by Walmart, as they provide their customers with low prices and deliver maximum satisfaction. 


During this brief Walmart case study , you might have read the word ‘price’ a lot. Walmart has its main focus on price, making them the most significant retail company globally. However, they kept their focus clear, high-quality products at lower prices. Adopting and sticking to this philosophy has allowed it to attract and retain customers throughout the years. 

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