5 Tips To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Advertisement

5 Tips To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Advertisement

Do you want to get the maximum juice out of your ad budget?

Do you run ads but still wonder, “what else can be done ?”  

Or you are one of those curious kinds who love to know the game in and out before putting in dollars.

Nodded a yes to all the three statements? (Let’s assume you did)

Five Tips to Enhance the Effectiveness of Advertisement:

1. Talk about the pain points

Customers are never interested in the long list of product features. They want to know – the problem that the product solves.

See the difference in the two copies below- 

❌  The best product to lose weight for women in their 30s

✅  Just the product to get you back into your college jeans. Difference?

In the second example, the focus was on the end-use of the product from a consumer perspective. 

You might be wondering, “how would you get such insights about your target audience (TA).”

Well, getting to know your TA is a lot like making a friend. You need to spend more time with them, know their likes and dislikes, what makes them angry, and what dreams they have.

And with enough research, you will reach a point where you just know how they would react.

Here are a few tips for a more hands-on approach

  • Conduct a survey  (before you roll your eyes and call it boring – read)

In the survey, do not limit yourself to questions about your product niche. You should also ask the sample population about their interests, what they like to watch, which platform they spend their time on, and other similar questions. Such information will go a long way in determining your ad placement, language, brand tone, and more. 

  • Coffee with customers 

Hang around in places where you can find your target audience. For instance, if your TA is a college student, just spend time in campuses, cafeterias, etc. Use this time to interact with students and know them better.

  • Become a social bee 

You can also connect with your potential customers on social networking sites and even set up telephonic interviews.

Make a list of the insights you gain, and then list all the pain points you found.

Create your ad based on these pain points. It would be a catalyst in increasing the effectiveness of an advertisement.

2. Testimonial is equal to trust

People need to trust you before they spend money on your product. E-commerce is booming, making the touch and feel of the product obsolete. In such an environment, it is the testimonies that help people make decisions.

Some of the brands like Zomato and Dunzo actively post user comments on their social media pages. They also use testimony as a part of their ad campaigns.

It helps in two ways –

  • It evokes trust and helps you create a community out of your user base. #CustomersBecomeBrandAmbassadors
  • It also shows that you listen to your users and care about what they have to say.

How to go about it?

  • Look into the tweets, comments, and app reviews where your brand has been tagged.
  • Try to get video-based testimonials through online contests.
  • You can also post interesting Instagram stories and ask people to engage with them in creative ways.

All these activities will give you loads of “CONTENT.“ And this content will provide you with material to increase the effectiveness of an advertisement.

3. Fire – (Measure) – Fire

Ad campaigns require experimentation. You need to try different creatives, target segments and accordingly play with other elements to increase the effectiveness of advertisements.

An essential part of this process is to measure your results. (if not your best friend, make data a close friend). To measure your results,  you need to first decide on a few metrics – 

  • What is the objective of your campaign (app downloads, lead generation, registration, etc.)
  • What are the metrics necessary to you (ad frequency, cost per result, etc.)

As you start with your ad campaign, you will get insights in the form of user responses.

You need to analyze this data to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Based on your analyses, keep tweaking different elements of your ads. (a  different headline or a different audience segment or a different platform altogether)

Over time you will reach a point where you would have found your sweet spot. (perfect targets and perfect creatives)

4. Get noticed – Unique Selling Proposition

All marketing books highlight the importance of USP in an advertisement. But its practical implementation is not that easy.

Everybody is selling everything, and it’s only the positioning of your brands that can help you stand out. 

Things to note before deciding your USP –

  • Being the best is not a USP; you need to find what makes you different.
  • Your support services like 24/7 helpline or fast deliveries do not categorize as USP. You need to find prominent aspects of your brand that make you different.

Your USP can either focus on the end benefit of the product or focus on the target audience. 

For example:

Saddleback Leather –  They’ll fight over it when you’re dead (Shows an end benefit)

M&M’s – “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” (Solves a pain point) 

Premme – Style without compromise (A brand for plus size fashion)

Are you still struggling to find your USP? 

If yes – Go back to point one and research more about the pain points of your customers. Your brand must be the solution to one of the pain points of your customer. And that my friend can be your USP.

If no – Awesome, you are on the right track.

5. Brush up on psychology

In marketing for small business ideas, you experiment with customers’ psychology. Not to sound like a witch, but persuasion and influencing people has a science to it.

Often advertisements either sell a fantasy or dig into your fears.

For example – 

Beauty product ads either use your fear of ageing or they use your dream to have spotless skin with no blemishes. (Not getting into the ethical part of it, but you get it, right?)


The point here is that they target basic human emotions. Themes like sex, hunger, dreams, validation, appreciation, belongingness are common to all humans. Create a compelling advertisement that people connect with based on their needs, aspirations, and dreams.  

Ending with a quote by Ogilvy that perfectly fits with the tips – “If you want to be interesting, be interested.” 

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