Average salary of a graphic designer in 2023

Average salary of a graphic designer

What is the appropriate salary for a graphic designer? Are you getting paid what you deserve? How would you calculate it correctly? – This blog will help you in getting a sense of the industry rates. As a matter of fact, the impact of covid-19 on indian economy is quite heavy. You will also get to know the average salaries you should expect to gain more experience as a designer.

Salary of a graphic designer – Overview

*Source – Glassdoor

  1. Junior Graphic Designer – ₹19,635/month
  2. Graphic Designer ₹20k /month
  3. Senior Graphic Designer ₹35k /month
  4. Art Director  ₹66k /month
  5. Creative Director ₹1.5L/month

Who is a graphic designer?

When you think of a graphic designer, it evokes an image of a creative-cool person. The kind of person who works with headphones on and cracks quirky jokes. (Okay! not so sure about the quirky jokes)

But a graphic designer is a creative person who brings together art and technology. As a graphic designer, you are the “visual creator” of the brands. You are responsible for designing the layouts for a company across different mediums.

Your scope of work can be both –
In print (newspaper, print ads, books, magazines)
Or electronic media (website layouts, social media posts, digital marketing, and advertising)
Career Path and Average Salary of a Graphic Designer

Junior Graphic Designer – The first step

You start as a junior graphic designer when you enter the field of design. It is the role you pick up after you have completed a course or an internship.
In this role, you work under senior designers who guide you in building your foundation.
For the first few months, you would be given more straightforward tasks such as making logos, correcting typefaces-colours, etc.
This role will help you in understanding different working styles and industry practices. 

Average Salary – ₹19,635 /month

Graphic Designer – no longer a junior 

Now it’s your turn to boss around the junior designer :p (while senior designer bosses you – plot twist)
As a graphic designer, you will have more independence and creative control. You will carry out the design processes in collaboration with a senior designer.
You would have gained the skills to “pitch to the client-conceptualize-and design.” 

Average Salary ₹20k /month

Senior Graphic Designer – Level up

As a senior graphic designer, you would mentor junior designers. You would be in the position to delegate some of your tasks.On the other hand, you will be tasked with the more important clients and creations. You will get immense freedom in your work. But as the movie spider man taught us, “great power comes with great responsibility.” (actually, his granddad taught us) Naturally, the accountability on you will also increase.

Average Salary- ₹35k /month

Art Director – Accountability only goes north.

As an art director, you will have complete control over the creative processes. You would directly manage the team of designers and ensure effective execution.While your creative control would increase, your managerial role would also increase. Performance review, team building, ensuring brand standards – all of this would be under your purview. 

Average Salary – ₹66k /month

Creative Director – The boss

I'm the boss

This is the senior-most position in a firm. You would be the brain behind the creations.
A significant part of your job would be to conceptualize a winning idea. Parallelly, you will also oversee the execution.
Not only for creating the art, but you would also be responsible for meeting the targets. (targets = numbers)

Average Salary – ₹1.5L/month

If you pick up a specialization

Many fields have emerged in graphic designing based on specific specializations such as UI designer, product packaging designer, editorial designer, etc.
When you work as a specialist, your chances to earn more increase, and it also opens the door to become an independent consultant for domestic and international companies. The salary range can vary dramatically depending on the level of your skills.

The important thing

Graphic designing is a creative field and not a government job with fixed hikes. While there are specific industry standards, your growth rate also depends on the level of your skills. If you manage to build a great portfolio, you can climb up the ladder faster than others. (a lot like a flash)

The flash

You can invest in your personal branding, which will help you take up new projects. Upload your creative stuff on LinkedIn, Behance, and other networks. You can even make a portfolio website for yourself. (let the people know how awesome you are)It would allow you to network and pick up some freelance jobs to make some extra bucks even in your early days.After some time, you might even start working as an independent consultant. (yes, as your own boss)

Other sources to check the salary of a graphic designer. 

Check Job Descriptions 

One of the best ways to check a graphic designer’s salary is to look at different job portals’ openings. They mention the salary ranges that the company is willing to offer.You can also check the job postings of companies on their LinkedIn job SECTION or AngelList. In a few companies, you can get a higher salary range depending on their organizational structure.

Salary Calculator Sites

While we all love glassdoor, you can also check other portals for domestic and international salaries, such as-.

Indeed.com, Business Insider, Reed’s average salary checker

Ending note

If you are applying for a job, you must keep yourself updated with the industry salary ranges of your profile. It will not only increase your awareness but also help you in negotiating your package. 

All the best, keep creating 😀

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