9 Best Travel Blogs In The World You Must Follow

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The method of sharing your travel stories and tips in the form of a blog is known as travel blogging. It’s like any other type of blogging, with the exception that there’s a strong demand for accurate travel information and real traveller stories. As a popular travel blogger, you can be given opportunities to partner with travel brands, earn free vacations, and other rewards in return for writing about your experiences.

Here’s a list of must-visit travel blogs:

  3. Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations

Travel blogging also works like an online diary which is very mostly used by people all around the globe. You can work from internet cafes and computers to keep an online travel diary up to date. You can enter a Travel Forum to get help with your travel blog, ask travel questions, or simply introduce yourself. You can add photos of your joinery which will make your travel blog more intriguing. This is about having a lot of happiness out of life. A travel blogger’s life is amazingly superb as his or her life is full of new learnings, experiences, beautiful destinations, fun and much more. Is that correct? That isn’t the whole story, though! Travel blogging is an all-consuming hobby that necessitates unending commitment and a lot of hard work. If you’re passionate about travelling and willing to put some effort, you can get paid for travelling, instead, you spend for travelling. There are some travel agencies and gigs who will pay you for travelling, in fact, they take up the complete expenses of your travel, or you might just go home with more money than you started with.

Nothing beats reading a well-written travel blog, whether you’re looking for expert tips on a specific form of a trip or just want to read someone’s personal perspective. There are several travel blogs that you can watch and chose to follow, but we have listed the top 10 travel blogs below. 

The names of best travel blogs that really inspire us to travel are as follows-


Benny Lewis is an Irishman who motivates us to learn new languages easily and cheaply through travelling.


Anil Polat is a travel guide, who gives information about the basics of travelling and keeps the viewers updated, also teaches about wireless internet, foreign SIM cards, and which chargers to carry.


Tim Leffel, travel according to the seasons and give information about which places to travel to, deals, and accessories to travel under our budget.


Karen Sargent and Paul Farrugia travel to the places related to the history, landscape, and resources of the destination.


Oneika, a blogger and a travel enthusiast, has completed a journey which includes her travelling 115 countries, she has also hosted some travel shows, ‘One Bag and You’re Out and Big City’, with little budget. In her travel blog, she advertises for women who travel and shows her own journey in her blogs, style tips while travelling and her experience as a black person travelling all over the world. 


This brightly illustrated travel blog, which began as a diary of Lia and Jeremy’s year-long honeymoon, is as irrepressible as they are. Their honeymoon was a nightmare – but a blast – and their blog presents realistic, down-to-earth, budget-friendly travel tips to help you stop making the same mistakes they did.


Stefan and Sebastien broadcast interviews with LGBTQ+ couple and people they meet while travelling all over the world and talk about gay travel tips (from Gran Canaria to Siem Reap). The most gay-friendly countries list in the world is broad.


Jessica Nabongo’s travel blog, The Catch Me If You Can, portrays her travelling journey beautifully, which made her the first black woman in the world to travel any country in the year 2019. There will be a section dedicated to all her favourite travel destinations, as well as lists, trip guides, and a section devoted to all her favourite travel destinations.


Michael Turtle quit his work as a journalist in Australia to tour the globe to visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make your own bucket list by taking inspiration from his journeys all over the world. 

A positive on the world today added with humour. 

Wanderlust’s own Peter Moore gives his subtly cockeyed glimpse at the globe with tales from his journeys as well as advice on his favourite towns, concerts, and budget destinations. In our opinion, family travel blogs are one of the best ways to find valuable travel content. This is because these posts are written by adventurous families who have travelled to the same destination as you, so you can trust their opinion. Vacations are one of those things that a family longs to do together. When we need inspiration or information about our next journey, we like to read other family travel posts. Check out the 10 most beautiful places in the world to add to your bucket list if you’re planning your next family vacation. Family Vacations are awesome which gives us and many other amazing travel posts all over the internet.

Below are the best family travel blogs from across the world

  • Jetlag & Mayhem 

  • Learning escapes

  • Hangry by nature

  • Wanderlust crew

  • Travelynn family

There are several travel bloggers who have amazing creativity, talent, and a sense of adventure. A travel blogger is a person or even a team who travel to different countries and share their experience. They travel to the best places on earth and earn money through offline services as well as online exposure of their travel blog.  The travel blogger must visit a destination country (or, more generally, a series of countries) to collect exciting, educational experiences that he or she would then post on their blog. They will almost always be expected to upload high-resolution photography to accompany the pieces. The are several bloggers who post such good content that it forces people out of their houses to travel the world.

Dan Flying Solo

He is a British bloke who regularly collaborates with Sky scanner and Lonely Planet. He’s a brilliant writer with lots of tips and a much better photographer. His work has been appreciated and has been published in Beautiful destinations, National Geographic, Travel and Recreation and Matador Network.

The Blog Abroad – Gloria

It is a native of Arizona and most real of the realists.

My Life is a Movie

It is a blog by Alyssa Ramos, she is Cuban American, she quit working and realized that she needed to do something more in her life at the age of 26 and she began her journey as a traveller and in one of her interviews, she says that she never thought she would end up travelling for a living?

Drew Binksy 

Drew is a native of Arizona. Drew has been travelling the globe since he graduated from college and has converted his dream into a full-time job.

Not everyone feels compelled to travel to India, but those who do have a strong desire to learn more about the country. Travelling to India is one of the best experiences you can have, but it also has its own demerits. While some travellers are drawn to India, others believe it is too difficult to travel there; it is true that Indian travel can be challenging.

Tour My India

Tour My India is a private limited company based in India.  It is a multi-award-winning travel company that excels in providing high-quality services through its professional workers. The organization has received good reviews from its current clients over the years, so expect a warm welcome.  Tour My India Pvt. Ltd. is an online travel organization in which travellers can get the best deals and full commitment on their journey. From the leading isolated means trapped within the Indian Himalayas to the underwater bank of Andaman, from the tribes of northeast India to the Royal heritage of Rajasthan, the forum recommends all of India’s destinations.

Tour my India travel blogs also consist of beach vacations,  wildlife safari tours, adventure tours such as trekking, peak hiking, mountaineering, water river rafting, hill station tours and white mountain biking. In addition, the need for leisure time is considered. They have good relationships with budget and luxury hotels all over the world, enabling us to provide our clients with the best value for money. This characteristic distinguishes Tour My India Pvt. Ltd., as the most pleasing travel and tour agency, they respond quickly to all your queries which gains them the reputation amongst their clients. This is one of the best travel companies out there operating in India. Finding something lightweight that was easy to install and didn’t need any coding skills was crucial because travel bloggers build and collaborate with a lot of people who want to start travel websites. There are several websites on which you can easily post travel stories and maps. Some are specifically designed for travel bloggers, which is awesome because it helps you to share your views, connect with others, and keep track of your travels. Some of the famous websites on the internet are Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr and Wix.

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