Top 10 Laptops Under 30000 In 2023

Top 10 Laptops Under 30000 In 2021

Wanna buy a budget-friendly laptop that also contains all the required features? No worries, here is a list of laptops under 30000 in 2021, which I am sure would help you out in acing your professional life ahead.

The 21st  century, an era where online presence matters even more than personal presence. This results in an unending demand for gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and of course, laptops. If you are sear

What do you use your laptop the most for?

Is it for gaming, or writing assignments, or for watching movies? 

These gadgets have turned into a crucial part of our life. PCs contain the same features, but laptops are feasible to carry, making them more reliable than desktop computers.

Here are the top ten laptops under 30,000:

  • Dell Inspiron 3595 APU dual-core A6 7th Gen

Do you want something professional yet with excellent performance? This is one of the sought-after laptops in the market. It is a 7th gen model with a dual-core processor and a Radeon R4 graphics card built-in. It can look after both your professional as well as the game-playing side of yours. 

It packs a 1TB storage and lets the user store documents, movies, and music in one place. A 4GB RAM  with Windows 10 OC and the battery backup for 4 hours, it comes for just INR 21,990. This model is also under 25,000 INR. Isn’t that amazing!

  • HP 15 Ryzen 3 Dual Core 15

Are you looking for a budget-friendly gadget for casual usage? Then this is the perfect one for you. It comes with 4GB ram, 1TB storage, a 15.6 inches full HD screen, and is also equipped with an SD card reader slot. Designed with a Radeon Graphics card and an AMD Ryzen core, it is relatively lightweight, making it even more convenient for the user in terms of portability. It is a little over 27000 INR, but worth it.

  • Lenovo Ideapad 130 core I3 7th Gen 

Who knew laptops could ever turn so chic and beautiful? For all the tech lovers out there, this one works on advanced Windows 10 and has an Intel Corei3 processor. Cutting edge graphics, huge storage capacity, and a 180-degree hinge that keeps your display on point. Oh, and the screen resolution is one to fall for. 

This model is packed with 4GB RAM and a battery life of five hours, but here comes the most incredible part, the Dolby Audio. For the multi-taskers and ideal for consuming all formats of entertainment with excellent sound production.

The best thing is this model is also under 25000 INR and hence pocket friendly too.

  • HP 15 Ryzen 3  thin and light laptops

We live in a world where work from home is the new norm, and thus, laptops are our only way to communicate, work, relax, and whatnot. In this case, you need a working gadget that performs smoothly and helps store all your important documents and stuff.

This model from HP is used for running heavy applications and ensures multitasking with ease. It’s a slim and lightweight gadget perfect for working professionals with a price tag of rupees 28,999 INR. It is also equipped with a storage of 256GB and a 1 TB HDD, helping you store all your files and making it worth the price.

It also sees to the fact that you don’t lose your fun side too. Packed with an AMD Radeon Graphics card, this one is an absolute gem in the market right now.

  • Asus E203MAH Celeron Dual Core FDO16T

Asus is yet another popular global brand when it comes to laptops and this model comes under the price range of INR 25,000 with 2GB RAM, and 5 hours of battery backup. It can be used for executing basic work-related tasks. 

Though it is not a pro in multitasking, it is one of the best laptops under INR 25000 and comes in very handy. For someone who prioritizes work, this one is a true friend.

  • Asus APU Dual Core A9 A542BA

This is one of the advanced models of Asus. If you aspire to purchase a laptop that has good endurance and performance, this is the one for you. 

A laptop with 1TB storage space and 4GB RAM, it is ideal for students and professionals working on presentations, assignments, and project reports. It ensures the storage of documents and files without running out of space at the price tag of INR 21,490.

It has a crystal resolution and a display big enough for all your movies. It also has a Radeon R5 graphics processor and is equipped with not two but 4 USB ports and an SD card reader slot. Sounds good enough for a laptop under 25000 INR, doesn’t it?

  • HP15 Pentium Quad-core 15

Memory, check! Display, check! Storage, check! This one is a wonder for laptops under 30000 INR. A model fashioned for your workload and the storage of your important documents, it is equipped with 1TB storage that ensures the storage of all data and documents. Also, the model is packed with a ram of 4GB which can be expanded to 16GB providing multitasking without experiencing any lags with a price tag of INR 23,997.

  • Lenovo Ideapad Ryzen 3 thin and light laptop

Lenovo has expertise in making models which are sleek in design and yet work like a horse. This model is trendy among students and employees with information technology jobs that require several presentations and project reports to work on. It comes with 1TB storage and 4GB RAM at an affordable price of INR 28,990. A 15.6-inch display and an integrated graphics processor complete the final touch.

  • Lenovo ideapad 330 Ryzen 3 Dual Core 

Lenovo is always the one that exceeds our expectations. Making a laptop under 30000 INR and that too, with features worth dying for, is nothing short of creating art. 

Elegant and stylish, the idea pad facilitates greater manoeuvrability and comes with the extra flexible 180 degrees hinge—a perfect gaming laptop with 1TB storage and 4GB ram with an affordable price range.

Buy it for all the work-from-home stuff and elaborate meetings at your workplace.

  • Asus Vivobook Core i3 7th gen

Hey Gen Z, this one is for your daily needs. You want one for your workload, storage, movies, and games altogether? Buy this.

This swanky model is available under the price range of INR 25,000, costing INR 22,900, to be specific. It consists of 1TB storage and 4GB RAM that ensures compute-intensive tasks with great ease. 

Asus has a great reputation for building some of the best laptop models. This is just another proof to add to the list.


Asus, Dell, and HP are globally known brands for laptops. Before buying any device, thorough research is needed according to the price range and select the model that matches the preference. If you are a student, understand the emerging trends in education and choose your laptop requirements wisely. The model should also cater to all the needs, be it work, presentations, college assignments, or gaming purposes. Market research is required to come across a model that suits your lifestyle. Venturing can make one reach the valuable features that he seeks to get.

Happy venturing

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