Everything You Need To Know Before Buying An Exercise Cycle

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying An Exercise Cycle

Maybe the one year of COVID-19 made you realize the need of having a gym set up at home in these unsure times. Or maybe you have decided to lose weight, and you happen to be a person who likes to workout from the comfort of your home. 

Your motivations can be different. 

The point here is that you are planning to buy an exercise cycle, and you want to ensure that you select the right one.

While there is a growing inclination towards buying stuff online, it can be a little confusing sometimes.

You might have questions like:

Which model to buy? Which is the most comfortable one for your posture? How to select the one suited for your exercise needs? Which is the best exercise cycle for weight loss?

And so on…

In this blog, we have tried to answer these questions so that you can buy the exercise cycle that matches all your requirements.

Let’s get on a ride!

Exercise Cycle Benefits:

  • You can adjust the level of intensity and the type of exercise cycle you choose. That makes it suitable for all age groups.
  • Cycling is a great workout for beginners.
  • Cycling is an effective way to burn fat; it significantly helps in reducing weight.
  • Long hours on computers can cause backaches. Cycling can be a great way to make your posture balanced and erect.
  • Cycling strengthens your core.

Factors to Consider:


Comfort probably plays the biggest factor in choosing a bicycle. The seat of the bicycle and how the handles align with your upper body play the key role here.

Generally, a nicely padded seat should be comfortable. It should also offer flexibility in height adjustments. That way, you simply adjust it to a level where your shoulders feel comfortable.

If you plan to buy directly from a store, you can simply hop on the bike and test it out. If it is an online purchase, looking at the videos of the products and their details can be helpful. 

In case you end up with an uncomfy seat, consider the option of buying a seat cushion.

Adjustable resistance

Resistance in a bike sets the difficulty level of your cycling regime. You generally start with low resistance during the warm-up. As you increase the intensity, you can increase the level of resistance.

Before buying an exercise cycle, make sure you check the range of resistance. 

The other important element here is to see if there is a knob for adjusting the resistance or a digital screen. Knobs generally make it a little uncomfortable as you will have to rotate it each time you make any adjustments.


If measuring and tracking your performance is important to you, then you must go for bicycles with a digital screen.

Bicycles with a digital display or an attached video screen will measure your RPM, distance, resistance, time, heartbeat, pulse rate, etc. 

Alternatively, you can buy a digital tracker or a heart rate monitor.

Warranty & Return Policy

A warranty is a legal document that acts as a written guarantee. It covers the cost of replacement and repair for a defined period of time.

Generally, a 2-3 years warranty is a good timeline.

Also, carefully go through the return policy of the bike. It would be an important factor especially if you are buying online.

Stability & Safety

Choose a bike that is in line with your height and weight. When you hop on a bike, and it feels a bit shaky, then that is not the bike for you.

Your grip on the bike should be sturdy and stable. It is a crucial step even from the safety point of view.

If you have children in your house, ensure that your bicycle is lockable. The build of these cycles is such that you may need to keep your children away from them.

Other Features

You can also look into other features which might be important to you, like bottle holders, dumbbell holders, etc. 

You might be the kind of person who enjoys listening to music or watching videos as you paddle. You can check for Bluetooth connectivity with the video screen. Also, a section for you to keep your phone or tablet.

Best Gym Cycles for Home:

Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are one of the best options for people suffering from joint or back problems.

The seat is wider and your back lays in a comfortable reclined position.

You not only get the support of front handles but there are handles installed on both sides of your chair to support you.

Indoor Cycling Bike

If you aim to burn fat through a high-intensity cycling regime, you should go for an indoor cycling bike.

They are your closest option to outdoor cycles.

You can ride them by sitting or even standing if you want to do a high-intensity workout. Buying the one with a digital screen can help you track your heart rate and other parameters. In the long run, this is a great way to enhance your performance.

Ensure to check the level of resistance it offers.

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright bikes are a lot like a traditional cycle. 

In terms of workout intensity, upright bikes are above recumbent bikes but not as intense as indoor cycling bikes.

They do not offer back support which helps in engaging the upper body more effectively.

The pandemic has made it extremely important to take proper care of your health and fitness. Exercise cycles are one of the best pieces of equipment to take care of your health. Hopefully, this blog helps you in making the right purchase decision. And when you buy the cycle, make sure you create a schedule for your cycling regime. It will not only help you get better results but will also improve your efficiency.

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