How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Each Deal?

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Each Deal?

When we talk about the real estate industry, then it’s incomplete without the real estate agent. They represent the buyer or seller who wants to buy or sell a real estate property. When we think of a real estate agent, we want to know how a real estate agent works and how much a real estate agent makes each deal? If you are on your way to become a real estate agent or hiring an agent, then you’ll want to understand by learning more about them here. 

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  • Who are real estate agents?
  • How much does a real estate agent make in each deal?
  • How much is a real estate agent’s salary in India?
  • How much real estate agents make – Demographical wise 
  • How much does a real estate agent get paid – Gender wise

Who are real estate agents?

The real estate agent is a person who works for a real estate broker and represents a real estate buyer or a seller. A real estate agent, also known as realtors, should have a license to work with a real estate broker. They cannot work independently. They arrange real estate transactions, putting buyers and sellers together and acting as their frontman in negotiations. In metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, the demand for housing is higher.

Buying or selling real estate for a perfect amount is possible if we hire an agent’s services. Real estate agents usually work for a real estate broker or a real estate firm. If they are working for the seller, they are known as listing agents- advise clients on how to price the property and prepare it for sale. 

If they are working for the buyer, they search for available properties that match the buyer’s price range and location, compare properties, and help develop a fair bid.              

How much does a real estate agent make in each deal?

This is the main topic of our discussion. How much agents make in each deal depends on the number of deals they complete. Most beginner real estate agents earn very little because they will still learn the business while building a client base. Real estate agents make money through commissions. A commission is usually a percentage based on the property’s selling price. It is a considerable amount of money.

 Real estate agents are sometimes licensed and sometimes not. They work under brokers. They cannot work independently and, therefore, are not paid directly by the clients. Whereas the case with the real estate brokers is different, they can work independently. They independently hire real estate agents to work for them. The clients pay to the broker, who then divides the commission with the agent.

How much is a real estate agent’s salary in India?

In India, commonly, the properties are bought and sold in Lakhs and occasionally in crores. There is a fixed percentage of commission for brokers and agents on each real estate property bought or sold by a broker or a firm. Reputed brokers and agents get more commission. From this commission, a certain fixed amount of commission is decided beforehand for the agent. And also, sometimes, a broker and agent take 50- 50 of the commission.

 In India, broker commission is from 0.5% to 2%. Therefore, a real estate agent’s salary range ranges from 98,000 – 10,00,000 INR per annum (salary represents gross income before tax deduction). And this does not include benefits, bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, etc. And this estimated salary is for an experienced real estate agent. For beginners, the amount is very less. It ranges from 8k to 90,000 per month. Therefore if we calculate an average salary earned by a real estate agent, it is 3,07,226 per annum (according to Pay 2021). And then this pay scale also differs from one city to another. If the real estate industry of a city is in bloom, then the commission obtained is more. 

How much does a real estate agent make – Demographical wise?

A real estate agent’s commission also depends on whether he/she is a residential or a commercial agent. Commercial real estate agents buy and sell commercial (business) properties, while residential real estate agents specialize in buying and selling residential properties (apartments, villas, etc.).The commission earned by a commercial agent is more than the residential real estate agent.

To get more commission, a real estate agent needs to consider geographic locations too. Different cities have different real estate market values. Now the qualities which determine market values are a good neighbourhood, low property taxes to pay, quality local schools, low crimes, good amenities, Average rent, and much more. Therefore the market value of one city differs from another. For example, in India, Pune is considered the best city for real estate development. So here, the commission earned by a real estate agent is high.

Real estate agents salary per month state wise(according to

  • Chennai – 49,000 INR 
  • Hyderabad- 34,624 INR 
  • Delhi -29,055 INR 
  • Mumbai -20,813 INR 
  • Bengaluru – 18,642 INR 

How much does a real estate agent get paid – Gender-wise?

The real estate industry consists of all kinds of gender agents. Most of it is dominated by the male gender. The statistics show that full-time female real estate agents earn less than their male counterparts. There is a huge gender pay disparity in this industry. This is usually because the brokers desire to hire more men than women agents, buyers, and sellers not negotiating with female agents. In India, the chances of female real estate agents are very less. The pay range of a male real estate agent is 12% more than that of a female counterpart. The average pay of a male real estate agent is 29,600 INR PM while that of a female real estate agent is 26,500 INR PM as of 2021.


A real estate agent’s salary may differ when a promotion is given. A real estate agent requires a great passion for the job and assertiveness. If you have strong communication and marketing skills, then you can effortlessly convince your client in your favour and the end, earn a good amount of money.

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