Lessons From A Young Entrepreneur – The Story Of Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta-

As young adults, we often asked our fathers for money or sometimes even stole some out of our parents’ wallets. But contrary to all of us, Tilak decided to generate his income! He succeeded, and how! His worth is now more than INR 100 crore, and he is just 15! So how did he do this? What was the idea that made him successful enough to give Ted Talks? Let’s find out in this article, shall we?

Tilak Mehta was born in 2006 in Gujarat, India, to Vishal Mehta and Kajal Mehta. He was 13 and living in Mumbai when he decided to venture into logistics after witnessing his father’s travel and commute problems. He co-founded the courier company Papers n Parcels (PNP) with his maternal uncle Ghanshyam Parekh. 

The Lightbulb Moment:

In an interview with renowned businessman and YouTuber Vivek Vindra, Tilak Mehta revealed the full story behind his idea for Papers n Parcels.

Upon returning from a vacation from his uncle’s house, Tilak realized he had forgotten his math book. He desperately needed his book but could not procure it due to the costly prices of courier services. This incident made Tilak want to start a low-cost same-day courier delivery service. 

Business Model: 

Paper N Parcel caters to pathology labs, boutiques, and brokerage firms. In an interview, Tilak mentioned that he is inspired by successful businessmen like Mukesh Ambani and Steve Jobs. 

Instead of hiring employees on a fixed salary, Tilak developed the PnP app and partnered with the trusty Mumbai Dabbawalas on a commission basis. So, whenever a new delivery order is placed, ‘Dabbawala’ receives a notification on the mobile app, and a commission is provided for a successful delivery. 

Tilak was just 13 years old when he founded the company, which garnered him widespread media attention and public support. Many major media outlets widely publicized his story, resulting in his company receiving significant free marketing. At present, he has become a brand, and everyone in Mumbai knows him and the service offered by his company.

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Today, Paper N Parcels employs over 200 workers of its own and 300 dabbawalas. The employees handle up to 1200 deliveries per day. The packages handled by the employees weigh up to 3 kilograms, and they charge Rs 40-180 depending on the parcel’s weight.


  • Founder of Papers N Parcels
  • Youngest entrepreneur in the logistics sector (3rd edition of India Maritime Awards).
  • TEDx speaker.
  • Youngest recipient of the Forbes Leadership Award 2018, India.
  • Awarded Global Child Prodigy in 2020 for entrepreneurship.

Future Scope:

Tilak aspires to grow his business and is eager to partner with delivery services such as Swiggy and ZOmato. He also plans to extend his business to Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai. Currently, the business is operational in Mumbai.


Currently, his Uncle Ghanshyam Parekh is the CEO of his company, and he manages all the operations. Due to this robust support system, Tilak is dedicated to spending as much time on his business as possible. Clearly, this 15-year-old’s work ethic is commendable, and there is no doubt that his entrepreneurial journey has just begun.

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