How To Land Your Dream Interior Designer Jobs In India

How To Land Your Dream Interior Designer Jobs In India

The real estate industry is soaring heights and this has induced a significant demand in the interior designing industry. The increasing prices of land are an outcome of aroused awareness and globalization that has peaked the need for advanced amenities. This has further influenced the designing market by creating plenty of interior designer jobs in India.

What Is An Interior Designer’s Job? 

Interior designers are professionals who redefine the aesthetics of a living/ working space to make it functional and beautiful. They anticipate or hear the requirements of their clients to enhance the interiors accordingly. Even though interior designer jobs are lucrative, the hard work and creativity that goes behind is no easy feat to master. 

Also, it is not wise to expect flattering salary packages if you are a fresher looking for interior designer jobs. There are multiple factors that determine the salary of an interior designer in India including experience and expertise. Albeit experience isn’t something you can do much about, expertise is something you can get your hands at.

So, How To Get Interior Designer Jobs

At present, there are more than 1 lakh interior designer jobs in India but so is the competition for it. Then how do you land an interior designer job as a fresher that pays you well? How to even get started with interior designing as a career? 

To begin with, post completion of 10+2 education, you may directly pursue a degree in Bachelor of Design (B. Des.). Make sure you get your specialization in Interior Designing or any relevant course that deals with designing aesthetics of interior spaces. It goes without saying that a degree from the National Institute of Design (NID) would hold more weightage than a regular one. Similar is the case with other well-known universities of India and abroad. 

You can also go for a Master’s in Design or any postgraduate degree to support your portfolio with academic certifications. However, it is no compulsion to follow the stereotypical way out to get an interior designer job. Not to forget, experience is highly valued in such career fields. You can always start interning in your 1st or 2nd year to gain more practical experience. Besides, you can always polish your skills for practical application.

Skills That Help You Land Interior Designer Jobs 

Regardless of your experience or academic brilliance, here are a few things that are needed to land interior designer jobs. The following are classified into technical and non-technical skills for ease of absorption. 

  • Non-Technical Skills 
    1. Creativity 
    2. Problem-Solving Skills
    3. Vision
    4. Effective Communication
    5. Flexibility
  • Technical Skills 
    1. Adobe Creative Cloud 
    2. AutoCAD 
    3. Autodesk Revit
    4. Pinterest

Lets, get into the details.

Non-Technical Skills 

As an interior designer, there are certain intangible skills you need to master in order to land high paying interior designer jobs.

a. Creativity 

The factor that differentiates between designers with equal experience, exposure and academic excellence, is creativity. Unless you let your creative juices flow and redefine your otherwise mechanised work, chances are, you’ll not stand out. The right mix of knowledge and innovation brings out the best outcomes. You must be able to translate your creative eye to a sketch that appeals to your clients. 

b. Problem-Solving Skills 

All successful jobs demand problem solving skills in an ideal candidate and so do interior designer jobs. In order to stand out as an amazing interior designer, you need to develop problem-solving skills. Brainstorming ideas that can resolve more issues for the client give you an edge to ace at interior designer jobs. 

c. Vision

Another factor that can help you land interior designer jobs is a clear vision. Besides the eye for future, you need to determine the best way to design a space effectively with minimal clutter. You should crank it up a notch to anticipate problems that may arise in future and resolve them in advance. Remember, a visionary designer always holds an edge over the rest.

d. Effective Communication 

Regardless of your field of job, effective communication is a must-have skill to make it in today’s highly competitive market. To land lucrative interior designer jobs as a fresher, you need to convince your clients to hire you over others. And this holds true for the experienced interior designers as well. Smart and effective communication can do a lot more than a formal resumé. 

e. Flexibility

In most cases, interior designer jobs do not abide by the 9-5 working hours. In fact, the interior designing industry works best in the exact opposite hours. This is because usually, clients are available post their 9-5 working hours or weekends. That’s when interior designers make money and discuss intricacies with their clients. As such, to land lucrative interior designer jobs, you must be flexible enough to be available during your client’s free hours. 

Flexibility is also a must when it comes to tackling hectic schedules and relying on self-motivation. It is thus, your innate ability to adjust to complexities and vanquish all challenges to soar high. 

Technical Skills 

Besides the much-needed soft skills , here are a few technical things to look out for to land interior designer jobs. These technical equipment are often referred to as computer-aided design (CAD) software or apps.

a. Adobe Creative Cloud 

Since Adobe’s Creative Suite is no longer purchasable, the Adobe Creative Cloud does the job equally well, even better. The Creative Cloud homes 20+ image creation, designing and animation apps both for mobile and PC. This makes it a preferred choice for most interior designers. 

b. AutoCAD 

Some three decades ago, AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk. It is the most amazing software that increases the efficiency of an interior designer. The computer-aided design software enables you to draw 2D and 3D designs in the easiest and quickest way. It also lets you edit and save the files in cloud storage for easy access. 

c. Autodesk Revit 

Another great tool from Autodesk that will help you land interior designer jobs, is Revit. Unlike AutoCAD, Revit is more helpful for modelling and defining structures, generating cost schedules and much more. It is the ultimate tool an interior designer would need post outlining a draft at AutoCAD. You may also perform CAD functions directly from Revit including conversion. 

Besides the above mentioned designing apps/ software, you must have an app that helps you to ideate.  

d. Pinterest 

The role of Pinterest has been significant in arousing aesthetic awareness amongst people. It is for this reason that an interior designer must absorb Pinterest like anything. From the current trends in interior designing to antique designs that work great, you’ll find it all under one roof. This will not only help you stay updated but will also help you land lucrative interior designer jobs.

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