Top 10 Life-Saving Uses Of Android Device Manager You Must Try

Top 10 Life-Saving Uses Of Android Device Manager You Must Try

Everyone across the world uses smartphones. These phones have become a necessity rather than a want these days. Every month multiple brands are launching new smartphones. Technology is growing rapidly, and more recent software and hardware upgrades are seen on most new phones. The market share of Android phones has always remained high. This is so because of the simplicity to use and the cost of the phones.

Most of the phones these days come with an Android device managerIt is one of the safest features on your phone, protecting your data and privacy. It comes to use when you may have accidentally lost the phone or have given your phone to a friend and so on. In addition, it empowers you to control your android device remotely when this feature is turned on in your phone.

What is an android device manager?  

There are multiple features on your android phone. You may not know everything and which comes in handy, at what time. But you must know about this remarkable feature introduced in android devices. Android device manager is a feature available on your OS in the settings window. It licenses you to view and control the phone remotely over the web. Only when this feature is turned on are you allowed to access your phone remotely.

On your android phones, this is one of the most remarkable features. The Google android device manager helps you locate the device you may have accidentally lost. This feature is associated with your particular Google account. In addition, you can remotely control your Android phone, do other things like ringing your phone, reset the lock screen password, and wipe out all the data.

The advantages of turning on this feature 

  • This feature helps you locate the device remotely by using the ‘Find my device’ option.
  • It helps you to ring the device irrespective of the location of the phone.
  • You can reset the lock screen pattern or passwords instantaneously.
  • You can also wipe out all the data on the phone in extreme situations.

Essential instructions on How to Use Android Device Manager 

Android Device Manager is a fundamental security feature on your smartphone. It aids in finding and locating the approximate location of your lost gadget. Furthermore, when the gadget is affirmed to be unrecoverable, you can decide to lock or wipe all your data from your smartphone remotely. To partake in this security feature, you need to connect the gadget to your Google account.

Introducing this feature to your phone is very simple. You can discover the Android device manager app on the Google Play Store and download and install it afterward, similar to other android apps. After this step, you’ll need to go to your settings and permit the application to access as a Device Administrator, consequently enabling you to lock or wipe the gadget remotely. Ensure the location of the phone is always turned on.

Once you log in to the app, you will need to grant location and other permissions to your phone. This helps you easily locate a lost android device, and you can play a sound, lock, erase, or show a message on the phone.  

Top 10 life-saving uses of android device manager you must try 

  • Find your device location 

We tend to panic when we lose something that belongs to us. It might be an emergency too, but there is always a solution thanks to our remarkable invention. You are lucky if you have given permission to your Android device manager and turned on your location. You can easily track the location of the device in case you lost your smartphone.

The first thing is to log in to the Google account on your desktop or laptop. Once you have done that, you can simply Google find my lost phone or find my device. You will only have access to locate your phone if you had given access to the android manager. This is a life-saving use for an android device because who wants to lose their phone?

  • Ring your device 

Immediately after losing your smartphone, if you are suspicious that it is somewhere close to you, you need to login into your account either on your friend’s phone or laptop. Then, just Google ‘find my device,’ you will have an option to ring your device. Once you select that, it immediately starts ringing in high volume and vibrating. This sound will help you locate the phone if it is somewhere around you.  

Once you select the option to ring your device, it starts ringing at the highest volume despite the volume being turned down or off. This is life-saving when you lose your phone in public places, at home, or the workplace.

  • Ring your device at home or workplace 

Sometimes we tend to lose our phones at home or workplaces. You can follow the steps mentioned above and ring your phone. You can easily find where your phone is when you hear the ringtone. It would be best if you try this next time you lose your phone at home or workplace.

  • Lock your android device 

While you have lost your phone and wondering what to do, you have an option to lock your android device using the android device manager for PC with a new password. This is a life-saving option to use to protect your data and privacy. Once you set a password to lock your device, only you can access the device once you get it. It would be best if you tried this option too.

Once you get back your device, you can use the Android device manager unlock feature and use your phone.

  • Wipe your data 

In extreme situations, you may be incapable of accessing the device location. This may be because your device location might be turned off. If your Android phone tracker cannot get your device’s real-time location for some time, you should try to wipe your phone data for protection.

When you’re confident you have entirely lost your android device, you can utilize the option to wipe your complete data off your phone remotely. It’s similar to using the other features. Log in with your Google account and use the wipe alternative to reset your smartphone to factory settings like when it was new.

This way, nobody can abuse your phone data or the information that you had put on it. You can utilize this choice in any event, despite the phone being switched off. Do note that you will permanently lose access to this device once you choose to wipe everything. Do this only in extreme situations.

  • Check the battery level 

Once your device is locked but still connected to the internet, you can find out the battery level on your phone. This will help you analyze how much time you have to track your device before it gets switched off. Of course, this does not help ultimately, but it is good to know the battery level on your phone to follow it.

  • Identify the IMEI Number 

In case you are reporting your phone at the police station, you need an IMEI number. This is usually found on the back of the device or the box in which your mobile came. This may be hard because you may have lost both these. Using the find my device option on Google, you can identify the IMEI number to report a lost device.

  • Check the last seen location of the device 

If your phone got switched off, you can still identify the last seen location and inform the police. Android device manager location history will help you in such situations. This, in turn, will help them to identify suspicious thieves or criminals in and around the area.

  • Help a companion track and control his lost/taken gadget 

There is an alternative to signing in as a “Visitor” on Android Device Manager. You can utilize this to let your companion find and control (lock, ring, or wipe) his gadget, which has either been lost or taken.

  • Remotely access your device 

One of the best features is you can access the device location, ring the device, or even wipe out the data from anywhere in the world. So even if you traveled a thousand miles abroad, you can still try and access it from there and use the options to ring, lock or wipe the device.


These are life-saving uses if you download the android device manager on your android phone and give permission as an administrator. Without the necessary permission, you will not be able to access your device remotely, no matter what you do. You must also ensure the ‘find my device’ option is turned on in your phone before losing your phone. This will let you track down the location of your phone instantaneously.

New features allow you to check indoor routes in large buildings, malls, and airports. These new features support locating your watch that is connected to your phone too.

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