Top 10 Well Paid Jobs In Digital Marketing

Top 10 Well Paid Jobs In Digital Marketing

“As per a report, India’s digital industry will produce more than 20 lakhs jobs and is likely to grow at an average of 14% annually by the year 2021-22.” 

If you want to be a part of this booming industry, check out these top 10 jobs in digital marketing. 

Top 10 jobs in digital marketing:

  • Pay Per Click Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEM/SEO Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Visual Designer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Branding Manager
  • Growth Hacker
  • Pay Per Click Manager

Are you good with numbers and strategy? If yes, then you might consider a career as a PPC manager. 

PPC managers are responsible for executing paid ad campaigns. You will run ads on search engines (Google, Binge) and social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and others).

You need to develop your analytical abilities to excel in this field. A significant part of your job would require measuring variables like cost per result, ad frequency, etc.

To create the ads, you will probably have a team of content writers and designers to work along. 

But having good copywriting and basic designing skills yourself would help you in conceptualization.

  • Digital Marketing Manager

When you gain rich experience for 4 to 5 years, you reach a digital marketing manager position.

It is one of the highest-paid jobs in digital marketing.

You will have to develop cross-disciplinary skills and gain exceptional proficiency in paid media and SEO.

You will be responsible for the planning and execution of the required digital strategies. Your work would be instrumental in achieving the business goals of an organization.

Along with strong digital skills, you also need to develop leadership skills to excel in this role.

A digital marketing manager mentors multiple departments in an agency. 

  • SEM/SEO Specialist

As long as there are search engines, a career as an SEO specialist would stay in demand. 

Everybody aspires to gain higher rankings when it comes to search engine results, and it is the SEO specialist who makes it happen. 

As an SEO specialist, you must know the process of structuring and optimizing the required content. For instance, if you are heading a blog strategy for a company, you should be great with keyword research and placements. 

You will probably have a team of content writers under you. But having decent writing skills will help you at the start of your career.

  • Content Strategist

Nowadays, almost everybody consumes content in one form or the other. We see content creation at a scale never seen before. 

To be able to create a symphony around the noise comes the content strategist. 

Content strategists have solid writing skills (copywriting, video scripting, optimized content, etc.)

They also have a strong design sense and proficient analytical abilities to monitor the performance of a campaign. 

The scope of work, however, can vary depending on the kind of organization. 

But at all levels, you will need to hone your ability to create content that fulfills the end objective of the company.  

  • Social Media Marketer

Social media marketer is probably considered as one of the coolest jobs in digital marketing. As fun as this role sounds, it is also a part of the most competitive space. 

This job requires you to be creative, analytical, sharp, and in tune with the latest trends.

You would coordinate with the content strategist to adhere to the larger vision and tone of the brand.

You might be aware of the creative aspect of social media. But as you progress, you will also need to upskill yourself in automation related to social media.

  • E-Commerce Specialist

An E-commerce specialist is a person who takes your business online. As an E-Commerce specialist, your end role would be to increase the online reach and sales of your company’s products or services. 

To achieve that, you would need to gain an understanding of online selling platforms. This role will also require parallel skills in email marketing, basic SEO, content writing (related to product bio), and other related skills. 

You would also need to master pay-per-click advertising across different platforms and understand consumer behaviour to a reasonable extent.  

  • Visual Designer

In the digital era, the look and the feel of the brands have gained immense importance. 

Visual designs are often a blend of UI and graphic design. It is a form of design focused on what a user sees on the screen. 

As a visual designer, you will focus on a user’s visual journey in a website, app, etc. 

You will have to be skilled in photoshop, illustrator, adobe xd, and other designing software.

A visual designer has to bring the elements of brand values and at the same time make the journey smooth and easy for a user. 

  • Marketing Analyst

The role of a marketing analyst can vary depending on the end goal of an organization. 

But at large, a marketing analyst helps in analyzing market trends and forecast user behaviour. 

As a marketing analyst, you will need to prepare quantitative reports related to products and services. 

You will also be responsible for making business decisions and analyzing the performance of a campaign. 

In the arena of digital marketing, an analyst conducts customer surveys by employing statistical and analytical tools.

  • Branding Manager

Branding managers are responsible for creating a unique brand identity. 

Your role would be to develop marketing strategies across multiple channels. 

As a brand manager, you will foster brand recall and awareness in users’ minds and play an important role in executing events and promotions.

You will ensure consistency in communication across all portals. 

Brand managers are usually hired by a single brand and not so much in a marketing agency. 

  • Growth Hacker

A relatively new and upcoming field in digital marketing is growth hacking. 

You would need in-depth knowledge of marketing trends and a decent level of proficiency in all marketing processes (Content, Ads, SEO, etc.)

Growth hackers help brands in growing faster by testing innovative marketing strategies. 

You would need to gain proficiency in understanding tools and, most notably, their strategic use in elevating growth.


You can explore jobs in digital marketing even as a student by doing internships. Have a look at some tips before starting your digital marketing internship. You can even set up a small business to gain more hands-on experience. 

Digital marketing as a skill is more oriented towards gaining more practical experience. The more projects you do, the more you hone your skills.

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