Making Dukaans Digital – Suumit Shah’s Creation

Suumit Shah

We all suffered the wrath of lockdown. Being cooped up in our homes was tough, and it hit local business owners even harder. But one man would soon change the game for the local dukaans. The one and only: Suumit Shah. So who is he? Let’s find out.

Suumit Shah is the Founder and CEO of Dukaan App. A DIY (Do It Yourself) platform enables merchants with zero programming skills to set up their e-commerce store using smartphones.

Suumit Shah was born on 25 December 1990 in Mumbai. 

While working at his uncle’s shop, he completed his engineering degree in Sangli while exhibiting an interest in digital marketing, web designing & development courses.

In 2014, Suumit began his entrepreneurial journey with his company “Risemetric” with his friend Subhash Choudhary acting as CTO.

Following the success of Risemetric, they decided to launch the Dukaan App in May 2020, which became an instant hit with the masses.

The Origin of Dukaan

Suumit observed the effects of the pandemic on small business owners and got the idea to take the Dukaan online. The Eureka moment happened when he received a Whatsapp message from a business, and within 48 hours, he and his friend built “Dukaan” – an Android App. 

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Within 20 days of the launch, the app created more than 1.5 lakh online stores, 5 lakh products were listed, and more than 75K orders were placed. 

This O2O (Offline to Online) creation proved effective as it enabled small and medium-sized retailers to continue their business even during the lockdown. 

The Dukaan app currently has more than 2M stores and 7M products added to 40 different categories of businesses. It covers more than 400 cities. 


Suumit Shah’s story is indeed an inspiration for all of us. In such a short time, he earned ‘name & fame‘ through his helpful creation. His inspiring tale makes one thing clear; it only takes one innovative IDEA to bring you enormous success. Suumit has effectively changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in India while embracing the true spirit of going digital.

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