You Can Get Paid To Travel – Do You Know How? 

You Can Get Paid To Travel - Do You Know How? 

Travelling is not always about driving to a destination, it is not merely escaping reality. It is more than that. It’s about exploring the world, its different regions, the language, the culture, the people, the food, the environment and a lot more.  For many people travelling is just a fancy thing to do and for a few, it’s about acquiring knowledge, the passion to discover new things, the way to earn a livelihood, and a way of living. Travelling itself is an adventure and knowing that you can get paid to travel is just fascinating. It teaches you so much more than you just have heard about or read. It’s a process of learning and living life.

Sometimes travelling feels impossible due to a lack of funds. And if you’re a travel enthusiast you may feel disappointed about it. Don’t be, as we got some good news for all the travel freaks out there. Wondering what it would be? So the good news is that you don’t have to worry about travelling expenses anymore as we got that covered for you.

7 Jobs that pay you for travelling

  1. Attendant on a Plane
  2. Working on a Cruise Ship
  3. Travel Consultant
  4. Become a Transporter
  5. Get a seasonal job
  6. Teach English
  7. Become a Mystery Shopper

Did you know there are some agencies which would provide you with travel expenses and also pay you for travelling? Yes, you heard it right! Get paid for travelling only if you show some effort. Are you also wondering how you can make money by travelling? Become a travel blogger or just find a job that takes you to places and also pays you.

How to find a job that pays you for travelling?

Attendant on a Plane

Being an attendee is one of the most effective jobs that enable you to travel. Most flight attendants begin their careers within the same country before moving on to longer flight destinations like Japan, Canada, and southeast Asia. You will get to travel on lovely planes to completely different countries, whereas earning a good wage and receiving wonderful advantages.

Working on a Cruise Ship 

Cruise ship jobs is one of the simplest travel jobs accessible. You get paid to travel the globe and communicate with individuals from all walks of life, all whereas earning pay and obtaining free lodging and meals. As a result of cruise ships offering nearly every service conceivable, there are job opportunities for individuals from across different aspects of life.

Travel Consultant 

Enrol as a travel agent. The main requirement of this job experience, you need ample experience of travelling the world. This might be one of the few job opportunities where your skills and experience matter more than degrees.

Become a Transporter

Earn cash by delivering a vehicle, furniture, freight, or maybe animals to a selected location. This is an easy way of earning money towards your journey if you realize you will have some extra space in the car or if you have got a trailer hitch that you just can use to tow a ship or horse trailer.

Get a seasonal job 

If you are having a hard time finding where to start, look for places with high tourist traffic, as they always require help at peak seasonal times. 

Teach English 

In the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, people from English speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand etc are in high demand. TEFL, CELTA and TESOL along with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is a must if you are looking for a teaching job here. A relevant teaching degree like PGDE is not a must however a relevant experience is required. 

Become a Mystery Shopper 

Did you hear about mystery shopping? It is a process where mystery shoppers mirror real customers in order to test the quality and sale services of a specific brand or industry. These shoppers either work as freelancers or gig workers and are paid as their services. 

Companies that pay you for travelling the world

Get ready to explore some interesting stuff!!

Top-deck Travel

Nature of job- For a group of young people, plan road trips that last anywhere from four to twenty-five days (ages 18-39).

Go Blue

Nature of job- In March you can either work in exhibitions, or as a Spring Break Rep, or help with check-ins, or concerts, plan parties, and more!

If you’re stationed in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, or the Bahamas, you’ll be in good company.

STS Travel

Work as a host for a business that offers college students Spring Break packages. Welcome guests upon their arrival, transport them to events, guide them on nightlife excursions, and answer any questions they may have during their stay!


Work as a member of the onsite team for high school graduation trips to Mexico, the Bahamas, and Hawaii, among other places. So as a member you can work at check-ins, staff events, assist with scheduling, provide customer service and greet students.

One Life Adventures

Perform the role of a group leader and help travel the group all over Asia. 

Stoke Travel

Assist in the setup and organization of campsites and parties for some of Europe’s best festivals! Work as part of the welcoming crew, leading Sail Croatia, setting up tents, and managing the check-in desk… Stoke provides you with many versatile job opportunities.


This is a company that organizes group excursions! It also comes with a “Hop on-Hop Off” choice which is suitable for people who want to have flexible hours of work. For example, if the guests are staying at a particular stop, they can be there for an elongated period of time before boarding the next bus.

Several travel bloggers have amazing creativity, talent, and a sense of adventure. A travel blogger is one who travels to various places across the world and shares their experience through blogs. These people are also called travel writers or a “blogger”. They earn money through online projects as well as offline services. Travel bloggers usually make money by travelling as well as some people do jobs that pay for travelling. There are a number of bloggers who inspire us to travel all over the world. Check out some of the best travel blogs in the world.

Let’s find out some of the popular travel bloggers and their blogs now.

Daniel is a blogger of British origins who frequently collaborates with Lonely Planet and Sky Scanner. He’s a fantastic writer with a wealth of advice and an even better photographer. 

Melissa is also called a Canadian doll. She absolutely has no filter who is very generous and warm-hearted. 

The Blog Abroad – Gloria is a native of Arizona. Her blogs are very authentic. 

My Life’s A Movie – Alyssa Ramos heads this blog. She is a native of Florida and is a Cuban American.

Drew Banksy – Drew is a native of Arizona. Ever since leaving college Drew has been travelling the world and has secured a full-time job for himself.

Although the act of travelling and blogging doesn’t pay, revenue will be generated through a range of strategies. As a result, several readers can communicate with travel bloggers for budget travel recommendations, they will possibly follow the blogger’s recommendation and book via the blogger’s links and suggestions.

All you need to know about Travel Insurance

We have all detected concerning cancelled flights and misplaced baggage, however, few folks assume to raise, “Do we have insurance and the area we covered?” Travel insurance will facilitate defending you from sudden events that will occur before or throughout your vacation.

Unlike motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance is optional, which means whether or not you purchase it. Finally, travel insurance helps you to travel without any worries and have a good trip. The general public is aware of trip cancellation coverage, which reimburses you for unused, non-refundable, postpaid trip expenses if you have got to cancel your trip because of some personal reasons, like illness, job loss, flight cancellations, climatic conditions, and so on. Likewise, trip interruption coverage permits you to recover trip prices if you’re unable to continue your trip because of a personal event, and our plans for further transportation prices to come back home or rejoin your cluster. Travel delay, destroyed, lost, delayed baggage, emergency evacuation and medical coverage is some of the less-known facilities of travel insurance. Various suppliers supply different plans with a mixture of those and different coverage therefore acquire yourself with all of your choices before creating a call. 

A way to travel concerning is to work out what you would like and so realize a concept that works for you. Let’s explore this with an example. If you take your family to Paris for a vacation, you will desire an arrangement that features trip cancellation and post-departure coverage. Travel Delay, Baggage, Dental, Medical, Emergency help and Transportation area unit are some of the examples. 

Importance of a Travel Agency

A travel agency serves as the most important organization in the tourism and hospitality sectors and it significantly establishes and promotes tourism on a large scale in any country all over the world. Customers often use travel agencies because of the convenience they provide. Clients who use a travel agency benefit from their expertise and can book all aspects of their trip in one place. Arranging travel can take a lot of research and often has multiple components. Travel companies would then receive incremental bookings as a result of this., Sky scanner, Expedia, trip advisor, Agoda are some travel agencies.

Many of us seem to be obsessed with the illustrious dream of a nomadic lifestyle these days. Fortunate are those who live this worldly lifestyle and are seen flaunting around the globe have figured out how to tap into their skill set and use it to build a living that allows them to pursue their passion for travel. What’s the good news? This far-fetched fantasy is truly within your grip.

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