Bookvala raises $180k in its ideation round at a valuation of $1.8M


Bookvala is a student-led digital crypto trading platform. It focuses on school management services, such as allowing senior secondary students to buy and sell books in just three minutes further exchange for cryptocurrencies. 

Bookvala, an India-based business focused on transforming the book industry, has raised $180K in an Ideation round to establish the next generation of startups and modernise the book industry with blockchain technology. Bookvala, an undergraduate student business, has raised $180K at a valuation of $1.8M in an ideation round headed by top Indian investors.

Varun and Raghav Bali began working on their dream after graduating from high school. As they faced a challenge most of our youth faced with academics and books, having a stock of books they decided to resell them to local book dealers, the price offered was too less and there were certain books which the dealer just refused to take had a high demand among students.

Having no choices, it felt best to sell them to a scrap dealer, then decided to sell them online. These platforms had challenges of its own issues like waiting for buyer, then negotiating the price, managing delivery just for a book it was too much hassle. Later they took to exploring book markets for more than five months. They visited the local book dealer in Chandigarh, Rajpura, Ambala Zirakpur, Patiala to understand the market and then did a survey among students, interacting with students and understanding their needs. This research led to the idea of Bookvala.  Later, Lakshay and Ujjwal joined them in their second year of college.

Avidity Services Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Hemant Wadhwa, Director of Unicom India Pvt Ltd, Ms. Prabhdeep, Partner of The Little Seekers, Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Director Godavri Trading Co Pvt Ltd, and Angel investor Mr. Rajesh Bansal are among the investors in this round.

The funds will be used to build technology and expand its presence in the Indian market, as well as to focus on its core team, which will carry the company’s name forward.

Hard work always pays and this has been true in the Bookvala success story further proving that dedication and determination can move mountains one only needs to have a vision, set goals and work towards them.  In the words of Elon Musk “I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Varun, Raghav Bali, Lakshay and Ujjwal have done extraordinarily well in the field of literature and contributed in bringing about a social reform by providing a change of education to all who wish to access books with a platform like Bookvala.

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