Top 10 cloth companies in India

cloth companies in India
  1. JCT

  2. Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

  3. Bombay Dyeing and manufacturing company Ltd.

  4. Grasim Industries Limited

  5. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited

cloth companies in India jtc

JCT Limited, established in 1946, is one of the flagship units of the Thapar Group and is one of the top cloth companies in India. JCT has made its name by keeping itself motivated by a good work ethic, values, and high-performance quality, with activities in cotton, nylon filament yarn, and synthetic & blended textiles. Due to this, JCT has earned its reputation of being one of the best firms in this industry in India. 

JCT was also the first textile company in India to develop organic cotton fabrics, and it was the first in this sector to be awarded an ISO 9001 certification in 1996. 

  1. Vardhman Textiles Ltd. 

cloth companies in India vardaman

Vardhman Textiles Limited is a full-service textile company that manufactures cotton yarn, woven fabric, sewing thread, acrylic fiber, synthetic yarn, clothing, and tow. The company operates in many segments, and two of them are fiber and textile.
The company not only manufactures patterned fabrics and cotton yarn but also exports the same. Some of the products that the company deals in are melange, organic cotton, ultra yarns, core-spun yarns, super fine yarns, gassed mercerized, slub and cellulose yarns, and fancy hand knitting yarns. 

  1. Bombay Dyeing and manufacturing company Ltd. 

cloth companies in India bombay dyeing

Bombay Dyeing was founded in 1879 and is one of the flagship units of the Nusli Wadia Group. It was founded as a small-scale operation with cotton yarn dyed in three colors: green, orange, and turkey red, and then dried in the sun by Nowrosjee Wadia. Now, Bombay Dyeing is the country’s largest major textile exporter. 

Bombay Dyeing produces a wide range of products like shoe linings and duck textiles, cotton and polyester suitings, yarn colored fabrics, towels, Satin furnishings, tabletops and napkins, satin bed sets, and many more. 

  1. Grasim Industries Limited 

aditya birla

Grasim Industries Limited was established in 1947 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the world’s leading viscose rayon fiber manufacturer. It is one of the flagship units of the Aditya Birla Group. It manufactures viscose staple fiber and viscose filament yarn. 

It also supplied fabric to various fashion houses in the United Kingdom and the United States to produce clothes. However, Grasim has a stronghold in various industries such as VSF (viscose staple fiber), sponge iron, cement, chemicals, and financial services like life insurance and asset management. 

  1. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited

mysoore silk

We all know that Mysore is famous for its rich cultural heritage and generates exceptional quality silk. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd. is a top cloth company that was established to promote silk as a cultural heritage. It has produced high-quality silk since its establishment and distributes it all over the country. 

Top 10 clothes companies in India part 2

Some of the company’s products include silk sarees, silk dhoti, men’s ties, salwar kameez, and many more.

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