Winning at life-Winzo CEO Paavan Nanda

WinZO CEO Paavan Nanda

We wanted to start with a Nintendo joke, but it was Wii too hard to think of one. One thing we don’t have to think hard about is the fact that the gaming industry in the country is booming, and with that the number of startups in this industry is increasing every day. 

While we talk about gaming startups in India, it is impossible to ignore the gaming and entertainment platform from New Delhi, WinZO. It works with independent game developers to provide them with a platform to showcase their games. You can download the WinZO app and play multiplayer versions of popular games. You can also earn monetary rewards through these games. 

WinZO CEO Paavan Nanda had the vision to create a micro transaction-based vernacular entertainment platform that has over 70 games, in 5 different formats and gives the players an option of more than 10 different regional languages. Some of the games on the platform are Metro Surfer, Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Pool, Candy Crush, Free Fire, and many more. 

The startup partners with mid-size, independent, and major multinational studios to provide games to its customers on one single platform, strengthening the country’s growing gaming industry. 

WinZO also provides its users content personalisation, serving players with relevant games based on their interaction patterns. It also builds a community of players who interact and compete against one another, through a feature called WinZO Versus. It also provides its users with real-time analytics for performance monitoring and transparency. 

The team of WinZO previously started a business called ZO Rooms/Zostel. Hence, the ‘ZO’ comes from that which means speed and energy. This gave rise to the tagline ‘Play More, Win More’ which is bringing the entire country to one single gaming platform. 

WinZO has over 20 million registered users who spend an average of one hour per day on the platform. To have such a huge customer base, the startup used the power of the internet and social media. It used regular Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and many other platforms as well. 

The company started out in 2019, with just 5 million subscribers, and grew to have 15 million in just one year. Now they have more than 20 million subscribers, over 1 billion monthly gameplays, and 200 million microtransactions. 

Building trust within 20 million subscribers was not an easy task as there were monetary transactions also included. Hence, WinZO decided to have regional languages on their platform which will enable people from different regional backgrounds to trust the platform more and actively participate in it. 

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WinZO CEO Paavan Nanda does not aim to stop at 20 million subscribers or 70 different games. He aims to double the size of the company, bring fresh new content to the platform, continue to expand its engagement options, provide high-quality content to users, and improve the value propositions for their partner game creators, all within the coming year. 

Even Captain Cool, MS Dhoni announced that he is ‘changing his game’, and choosing WinZO as his mobile gaming platform.

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