Everything You Need To Know About Buy Back Businesses

Buy Back Businesses

What is a buy back business?

If you’re someone who has the entrepreneurial spirit and gene but is afraid of the enormous investment/ marketing aspect- this is the perfect business idea. A buy back business requires only an agreement with the vendor to take on machinery and raw materials and manufacture certain products that would be repurchased by the supplier based on the terms of the contract. 

Owning a buy back business in India can bring you profits from Rs.800-1000 on the minimum and projects upwards. By ensuring good quality products and marginaling your loss, this can become your primary source of income with unimaginable profit margins. 

Benefits of getting into a buyback business agreement:

  • Your vendor will provide you with the necessary materials and machinery to start your buyback business.
  • The vendors will train you to use and operate the machinery to aid manufacturing.
  • Vendors will conduct a routine evaluation to help you overcome any challenges during the manufacturing process.
  • In the end, they buy all the finished products at prices mentioned in the buyback agreement.

All you need is ample space and the will to succeed, and your buyback business can make you financially secure.

Here are some buy back business ideas you can dabble into at home: 

  1. Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Starting a hand sanitizer business is simple because we don’t need a lot of room, a lab, or any other equipment like refrigerators and heaters. 

They are easy to make following the guidelines provided by legitimate sources online. Here are a few key things to remember:

  • For viruses and bacteria to be killed, the alcohol level should be 90%. 
  • Distilled water should be used to manufacture these sanitizers. 
  • Use glycerin that is at least 98% pure. 
  • The remaining ingredients should be of the highest grade possible. 
  • According to WHO criteria, a hand sanitizer should contain 8% essential oil, 1/3 aloe vera, and 99% rubbing alcohol.
  1. Agarbatti/ Incense Manufacturing 

India is the best place to consider owning an Agarbatti manufacturing buy back business. You could save on your initial investment by making them by hand, but buying the right machinery will ensure a quality product. 

The machine could cost around two lakhs, and it will allow you to make 100 kg of raw agarbatti in approximately 12 hours, which is a significant profit margin already!

  1. Potato Chips Manufacturing 

Something everyone loves to munch! If you decide to go into this buy back business- here is a list of machinery/ equipment you’ll need:

  • A potato peeling machine,
  • A potato chips maker(with adjustable slice thickness), 
  • A hydro dryer,
  • A potato blanching machine, 
  • A deep fat fryer, 
  • A salting drum, 
  • A vacuum sealing machine, 
  • A weighing machine, and 
  • An industrial oven (in case you are baking the chips)

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A buy back business is like a soft launch into your entrepreneurial journey. When marketing & operational costs are taken into account, you should expect to profit roughly 25 to 30 % if you sell all of your shares. Choose the right buy back business idea and guarantee yourself a life of profits!

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